Elementary Academics

Elementary Academics

K-5th Grade Curriculum

At Miami Shores Comunity Church School we believe that learning should be both an exciting and rewarding experience. We use the Houghton Mifflin Hartcourt curriculum to prepare our students for the challenges of the real world. The curriculum consist of GO MATH, Science Fusion and Journeys for Language Arts, Reading and Social Studies. We believe a well rounded curriculum builds our students for success.

Science Fusion– The Science Fusion curriculum gives students an in-depth understanding of the material. It provides a combination of technology and project-based learning activities. It builds science literacy and STEM skills at each grade level. Students will learn to find solutions and answers through the use of investigative and scientific thinking skills that they will acquire.

Journeys– Journeys is an English Language Arts Program that provides literature and informational text to students in order to build all necessary foundational skills. It challenges students through deep reading and project-based learning. It allows for small group instruction and independent learning. Students will develop mastery of speaking, listening, and writing.

GOMATH– The GO MATH curriculum builds comprehensive thinking and teaches students to engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate every problem. The curriculum allows teachers to build and reinforce foundational math skills in students that can be used in everyday life scenarios.

Social Studies– The Hartcourt Social Studies curriculum teaches students about different people, places and cultures that make up the world we live in today. It also gives students an understading of the events that took place through time getting us to where we are today. It uses hands on and project-based learing to give students a better understanding of our History.