Preschool Academic Program

Preschool Academic Program

Nursery through Prek-4 Curriculum

At Miami Shores Community Church Preschool we believe that children learn through play, experiences and their environment. We provide a curriculum through Mother Goose Time that helps children achieve this type of hands on learning while making sure that they are meeting developmental milestones. We combine a nurturing environment with a learning experience that helps children succeed in all areas and prepares them for every day life challenges.

Infants 3-18 months– The experience baby curriculum helps build trust in a warm and nurturing environment where children are given opportunities to play, connect, explore, observe and respond through engaging age appropriate relationship-based activities.

18 months-2 1/2 years old-The toddler curriculum helps children learn through responsive care and sensory activities that allow room for exploration and discovery. Children learn to be express their feelings and build problem solving skills.

2 1/2- 5 years old- The preschool curriculum consist of building skills in the followin areas.

Reasoning and logic

Emergent writing

Counting and number concepts

Communication and vocabulary

Print concepts and reading comprehension

Music, rthym, dance and Movement

Creative thinking and artistic expression

Letter and phonics

STEAM experiments

Students learn these skills through interactive daily activities and experiments. They also learn social skills and build meaningful relationships. The curriculum provides the teachers with tools for assessments to ensure that every child is learning and reaching the appropriate developmental milestone.