Public Speaking and Debate Program

Public Speaking & Debate Program

Public Speaking

The MSCCS Public Speaking Program builds confidence in our Kindergarten and First Grade students. Although they may be nervous before giving their first speech, they will feel a sense of accomplishment along with a sense of relief when it is done. Here at MSCCS, our goal is to introduce and enhance our public speaking skills and challenge our students with weekly speeches in front of other peers. Throughout the school year, you will see your child’s oral communication skills improve. As your child’s skills improve, they will begin to feel more comfortable and confident in their ability to speak well.


MSCCS has great pride, love, and joy when it comes to our Debate Program. Our Debate Program aims to educate and develop persuasive thinking and public speaking skills in students in our Second through Fifth Grade classes. We help our students target researching skills. To make a successful public presentation, we teach our students the importance and the need to research their topic thoroughly. They will learn where to find the information they need for each presentation and how to tell whether the information is credible and relevant. The year will conclude with our Great Debate where our students enjoy participating in a friendly debate competition with other local schools in the area.